Skin and Blister pitch

I’ve been working on some screenplay ideas so I thought I’d share one with you… Logline: Two sisters who were separated by the care system as teenagers, reconnect and attempt to make peace with their troubled childhood. Skin and Blister is a contemporary drama set in London, it is a three part miniseries, with episodesContinue reading “Skin and Blister pitch”

I’ve been thinking a lot about the labels we give to ourselves and others, consequently letting it control how we live our lives. I’m sure a lot of men can relate to this notion but I think when you’re a woman, society has certain expectations of you, or thinks it has a certain ownership of you. I used to think as a younger girl that being feminine was a weakness, being seen to like “girly” things was not something I wanted. I put myself into a box where I told myself “okay you’re a feminist, you don’t like chick flicks or pink or love songs or makeup, or anything that is traditionally feminine.” I thought that to be a strong, independent woman I had to be edgy and aloof, I had to have a hardness about me. However I have learned over the years that there is so much strength in vulnerability, people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and are emotionally open are not weak, they are incredibly brave. I have now opened myself up to things like cooking, baking, listening to Taylor Swift in a bubble bath, I’ll even admit I love to clean and none of these things make me feel like less of a feminist any more. I used to think that women who sought out relationships and made a man their priority were weak, now I’m in a loving devoted relationship, we are equals, yet we have different strengths and weaknesses and I’ve never been happier. I feel I have left the restrictions I gave myself and realised I can be and enjoy anything I want, because being a woman is about having choices. We are all so different and our lives should reflect that, I personally don’t want children until later in life but some women might want children as soon as possible, there is no right or wrong. I think the message here is don’t let society trick you into thinking being feminine makes you weak and don’t let anybody put you in a box, especially you.


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